September 4, 2018

I am okay with disagreement; I am not okay with dismissiveness. When your response to someone with whom you do not agree is discourteous, dismissive, and insulting, then it is clear you do not wish to engage, but instead to denigrate.

If you prefer some echo chamber, though, have at it.”

This is a response that is not meant to engage in honest and curious conversation; it is a response intended to insult and dismiss the views of another. It is a response that says I have no respect for your thought or for your right to have it.” It is not meant to further discussion and debate, but instead to end it by denigrating a person’s character.

We like to tell ourselves that is a great place because we are civil and we have good conversations and discussions, even when we disagree, but I have faced more dismissiveness and insult on in the past year than I have at any time in that other micro” social network. This is not the civil community that we make it out to be, and by pretending that it is, we ignore when people feel actively excluded.

This is the reason I keep leaving from time to time—to take a break from the negativity, especially since there are no ways to block discourteousness and insult to my character so I must be faced with it every time I log in—only to come back because I believe in the promise of the community.

It is the reason I am leaving again; it is the reason I probably won’t be coming back, this time.

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