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Nov 11
I know the folks at Langdon Hall really get me because they gave us a gorgeous loaf of freshly-baked bread and a whole lot of butter—basically, the

Nov 03
Why didn’t anybody tell me that Sally Rooney’s Normal People would devastate me as much as it did? Ooof. Will most likely have a lot to say about

Oct 28
Did L buy us tickets this morning to go see Hamilton on my birthday? Yes, yes she did. 💕

Oct 25
That moment you get to the train station before a six-day trip away (including about twenty hours in planes and trains) and realize you forgot your

Oct 21
Always a little tough to come home from vacation, but I was welcomed home with a dazzling display of fall colours along the riverfront here and a

Oct 03
A few passages that stood out from my recent reading of The Anatomy of Melancholy by Robert Burton: “If there be a hell upon earth, it is to be

Oct 02
The new season of Function is out, and the first episode is all about tech and mental health. Anil Dash was one of the people who reached out and

Sep 29
Love this passage on the back cover of this month’s Poetry Magazine.

Sep 28
The To Play in the Face of Certain Defeat exhibit by Esmaa Mohamoud at Museum London is breathtaking.

Sep 28
The session I was most looking forward to at the Place Matters conference was the one on micro-neighborliness; it met and surpassed all my

Sep 16
Excited to announce Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age, something I’ve been working on with an global group of academics and public

Sep 11
They should rename the Spotify “Best of Broadway” list to the “remember all the times you’ve erupted into tears sitting in a theater audience and

Sep 07
I’d listen to Robyn do an episode of Song Exploder for literally every song she had ever recorded. This one is so good.

Aug 31
When you can’t decide between peach sorbet and peach cobbler ice cream at Haven’s Creamery, you just order both and share them both with someone you

Aug 25
I’ve seen many photos of it since it was revealed, but seeing the President Obama portrait by Kehinde Wiley in person, right up close, is a whole

Aug 23
Last day of @macgenie’s photo challenge—gratitude: grateful to have the privilege to take a week off of my everyday life and see the world from a

Aug 22
Day ten of @macgenie’s photo challenge—friends: when I’m traveling, I often send postcards to friends around the world.

Aug 21
Day nine of @macgenie’s photo challenge—persistence: many people persisted and overcame their fear of heights to cross this peak-to-peak suspension

Aug 20
Day eight of @macgenie’s photo challenge—happiness: I’m always happiest when I’m on the water.

Aug 19
My therapist recommended to me that I should track my daily water intake, so I threw together a tiny Shortcut to help me do that in the 90 seconds

Aug 19
Day seven of @macgenie’s photo challenge—relief: after long days of walking in the mountains, we find relief in food and drink.

Aug 18
Day six of @macgenie’s photo challenge—support: this gorgeous woman is my support for all things in life.

Aug 17
Day five of @macgenie’s photo challenge—determination: our hike through the mountains was tiring, but we stayed determined.

Aug 16
Day four of @macgenie’s photo challenge—family: traveling with friends so close to our heart that we treat each other like family.

Aug 15
Started @macgenie’s photo challenge a week late, but here’s my entry for day three—relaxation: recently spent evenings relaxing by floating idly in

Aug 14
Started @macgenie’s photo challenge a week late, but here’s my entry for day two—movement: moving through the sky in a cable car.

Aug 13
Starting @macgenie’s photo challenge a week late, but here’s my entry for day one—patience: champagne and cheese both take years to age before

Aug 12
In my community growing up, every celebration was marked by the serving of sharbat—we even served it at our wedding—so I was delighted to listen to

Jul 26
PSA: In an effort to combat the heat and my Friday afternoon sleepiness, all emails and messages I will send for the rest of the day will be sent

Jul 25
A friend on Twitter asked me for some tips about Detroit since I go there quite often, and I shared a few quick tips (to fit in three short tweets)

Jul 21
In between all time spent playing with our cat and lounging in our pool to beat the 110° weather, this weekend’s adventures also included a trip to

Jul 18
Spending my evening exploring this audio timeline of Billboard’s top five hits every week since 1958. Yes, an audio timeline. It’s mesmerizing.

Jul 17
The Best Way to Tour a City Is Through Its Grocery Store: The secret museum in every city is a grocery store. It’s where you can grab and squeeze

Jul 16
Really digging these Canadian dessert stamps recently issued by Canada Post. Who wouldn’t love a butter tart on their lettermail?

Jul 14
Sunday evenings are best spent having dinner and wine on the patio and then floating relaxedly and luxuriously in the pool until the sun goes down.

Jul 13
In just a few minutes, my friend Alex and I are leaving to road-trip to Detroit to go see Carly Rae Jepsen at The Fillmore, so you know today is

Jul 09
The social ideology of the motorcar: In the final analysis, the car wastes more time than it saves and creates more distance than it overcomes.

Jun 27
Was this strawberry sorbet from Haven’s Creamery the best strawberry sorbet I’ve ever had? Why yes friends, I think it was.

Jun 26
Strawberry season was quite late this year, but the berries are out now and ready for picking—and eating! We were able to get quite a nice haul from

Jun 24
Someone sent me the upcoming issue of Poetry magazine in the mail, and I have no idea who my mysterious benefactor may be. Whoever did send this

Jun 21
Highly recommend reading this phenomenal piece by Maciej Cegłowski on privacy, data, and regulation. We are now twenty years into an uncontrolled

Jun 18
Excited to be on a train on my way to spend the morning talking about ethics in digital service design with the new cohort of Code for Canada

Jun 17
Ark of Taste is a catalog of “delicious and culturally significant foods in danger of extinction.” I had never thought of extinction in terms of

Jun 16
Still basking in the glow of that Raptors win? Articles to keep the good vibes going: Started from the bottom now we’re here Made It to the Top,

Jun 14
Gotta love the people who clog up the Slack with “why do people care about sportsball so much, my interests are much more refined” messages mere

Jun 12
Wearing pink shorts and a haphazardly-tied bowtie, so yes, I’m getting a few funny looks on the train this morning—and feeling pretty okay with that.

Jun 10
In commemoration of National Public Service Week, I say thanks to every single one of my colleagues in public service, no matter where they are, who

Jun 10
There are few things as delightful as strolling aimlessly for a few hours through small neighborhoods in a city you don’t know as the sun rises up

Jun 08
Most of the time, when I’m on a plane, I’m either asleep or too busy reading or writing to look out the window. Today, I soaked in the bright blue

Jun 04
Eid Mubarak, my friends. I hope your day is auspicious and filled with joy and love and delight.

Jun 03
That moment in Chernobyl when he says, “we’re asking your permission to kill three men.” Ooof. That was something. This is some of the best

Jun 01
Picked up a gorgeous neighborhood map designed by Jelly Brothers at the Boho Bazaar last week. It’s rare to find beautifully-designed maps of our

May 31
Last night was the ultimate television-watching evening: NBA Finals, Game 1 RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 11 Finale Scripps National Spelling Bee I

May 30
After spending the past two weeks listening to Dedicated on repeat, I’m happy to state that, while it may not reach the transcendence of E•MO•TION,

May 29
More beauty and truth from bell hooks: The practice of love offers no place of safety. We risk loss, hurt, pain. We risk being acted upon by forces

May 29
bell hooks: Many of us seek community solely to escape the fear of being alone. Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we

May 27
I’m very conscious of the sounds around me, and especially when I’m in high-stress environments, so the recent 99pi episode on sounds in hospitals

May 21
Wrapped up our museum tour of the city yesterday with a visit to the Camp exhibit at The Met. It was delightfully strange and full of joy; I highly

May 20
I haven’t posted a Micro Monday recommendation in months, but today I’m excited to recommend @hollyhoneychurch, who notices the small fleeting

May 19
Got to check out the Whitney Biennial this morning, and as always, there are some really excellent pieces in the exhibition. The works by Alexandra

May 19
Yesterday was a truly gorgeous day in Brooklyn, full of sunshine and heat and the sound of laughter and joy as people all congregated outside to

May 15
Mira Jacob: I never saw myself. I never saw any lives that looked like mine. And what happens, when you’re living in that world, […] is that you

May 10
Our magnolia tree, tulips, and daffodils are in full bloom. The front yard has exploded with color, and this brings me more joy than you can imagine.

May 06
My friend—and regular penpal—Tanja sent me a letter with this as the opening epigraph and I needed to share it here because it’s absolutely

May 01
The spring is on the verge of eruption: our crocuses are in full bloom, our tulips are on the precipice of blooming, and little buds are appearing

Apr 29
We froze a bunch of strawberries from the last time they were in season, so yesterday, we made jam. (Also, ate strawberry shortcake.)

Apr 28
🔖 €œ”If the industrial revolution heralded a landscape where silence was eliminated, the peace of town and country punctuated by the clank of

Apr 27
Saturday morning spent listening to CRJ and writing letters to friends.

Apr 21
Today is Cleo’s third birthday, and we will celebrate by doing what we do every day: showering her with immense love and giving her treats. I never

Apr 16
There are these incredible STEM Role Models posters from Nevertheless Podcast all over the walls of our office; seeing them, I’m reminded of how

Apr 14
Sometimes, you read something so beautifully evocative, so poetic in its mastery of words, that your heart hurts because you’re swept away with

Apr 10
Astronomers have taken the first ever image of a black hole; it was photographed by a network of eight telescopes across the world. I feel so

Apr 10
Ashley’s introduction to the recent Bello Collective newsletter is beautiful. A passage: Recently, a passenger beside me pressed the play button on

Apr 08
An important passage by Kristin Neff for me to remember these days: Instead of mercilessly judging and criticizing yourself for various

Apr 08
There is literally nothing on television that makes me laugh as much as Desus & Mero makes me laugh. I am in tears by the end of each episode.

Apr 07
I am completely smitten with Ian Fisher’s paintings of clouds:

Apr 06
There has been a lot of writing about the decline of criticism recently, but this piece on the need to cover books like television shows, and the

Apr 05
It’s rare that I read something that captures my mental state so accurately, but this idea of a “comfortable coexistence with suicidality” is so

Mar 29
Moja Coffee beans are my favorite kinds of coffee beans. Getting a shipment in the mail always makes my day.

Mar 25
My friend Amy has hosted a podcast club (like a book club, but instead of reading the same book, you listen to the same podcast episodes) for the

Mar 24
A beautiful, one-minute, animated video that is a wonderful jolt of perspective in the morning:

Mar 23
Austin Kleon avows that cheap wine tastes better in a juice glass. I agree, and go further to say that fancy juice tastes better in a wine glass.

Mar 22
Another resonant passage today: For we are like olives: only when we are crushed do we yield what is best in us. From Too Loud A Solitude, by

Mar 22
A beautiful passage that is resonating with me today: Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color

Mar 20
This may be the most delightful sentence I’ve read all year: If you listen closely, Ariana Grande’s hit single “thank u, next” sounds like she’s

Mar 17
Celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day with beef stew, colcannon, soda bread, and a chocolate stout cake, and some Irish whiskey. That’s the most I’ve done

Mar 15
Here’s #MyMosque where we got married. It’s still a place where I find solace and strength. Praying for my community around the world, today and

Mar 12
Doritos Cool Ranch? Yes. I feel so seen.

Mar 11
I’m not sure why it took me so long to discover Switched on Pop, but I’m glad I have. Spent the past week binging and listening through the entire

Mar 10
There are massive wild turkeys in our neighbor’s backyard, and I keep forgetting just how majestic and large those creatures are. Going to spend a

Mar 08
For some reason, I always feel great after donating blood. Something about using my body to do something that can save someone’s life makes me

Mar 08
Two nights ago I couldn’t sleep and stayed up all night and was awake for over 36 hours and my body just shut down and last night I slept for twelve

Mar 04
I can see the mountains through the window of my hotel room. This is important for me, as mountains not only inspire me, but remind me to look

Mar 01
Spotify just sent me an email telling me about “new music from Carly Rae Jepsen and Solange, two artists you love,” and I’m convinced no email has

Feb 20
We’re only 51 days in and 2019 has already won the status of worst year ever. And trust me, I’ve had some objectively really bad years before. This

Feb 06
Taking a break from people, for a while. (Still writing blog posts, so you might see updates, but I won’t check the timeline.) Take care of

Feb 05
City council spent a significant amount of time today debating the validity of putting fluoride in our water and if I wasn’t already convinced I

Feb 05
Jen Sookfong Lee is posting #JensHoroscopes for the Year of the Pig, and the one that she just shared for those of us who were born in the Year of

Jan 29
I’m not usually one to complain about the weather, but this is just obscene—especially coming a day after we had over a foot of snow fall and

Jan 29
Time to start living up to my name Wu-Tang Clan name.

Jan 27
Sad to miss RENT Live tonight, but will say that playing Collins in a regional theatre production of RENT was one of the highlights of my young

Jan 27
One of the things I’m proudest of since moving to London (ON) is playing a small role in bringing electoral reform to the city. The results show

Jan 26
I am the bird in this comic, and that person is the whole world so far this January.

Jan 22
This quote by Khoi on the complexity of healthcare is right on the mark: Few of us would feel comfortable representing ourselves in courts of law

Jan 20
Just when I thought the 8-10 inches of snow were making it hard to venture outside, now I’m greeted with this weather forecast for the next few

Jan 18
Adwoa Afful reminds us that Toronto must reckon with its past before planning for future: For as long as Toronto has existed, Black migrants and

Jan 17
“We are not wise, and not very often kind.” I wrote a short rumination inspired by Mary Oliver last month. I figured that today was a good time to

Jan 17
Fascinating piece by Virginia Heffernan on the effect that screens are having on our eyes: We measure our vision against the phone, all the while

Jan 15
I’ve lived with bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder almost all of my life, and for the most part, I’ve been doing really well and

Jan 06
Finally got around to putting up my Crispin Finn 2019 year planner (now, time to fill it!) so I am officially ready for this year to begin.

Jan 05
With all this talk about Marie Kondo’s new television show all over the web and in my Netflix recommendations, I thought I’d revisit my earlier blog

Jan 05
Thought my friends on micro.blog might find this comic amusing. 🤣

Jan 03
Sent out my first seven pieces of postal correspondence of 2019 this afternoon. (Really smitten with the Olivetti Pattern cards; poured my heart out

Jan 02
Bill Watterson published the final Calvin & Hobbes comic strip on December 31, 1995. I thought it was a fitting comic to share at the start of

Dec 31
Scaachi Koul, as always, captures the past twelve months perfectly: 2018 wore us all the hell out. “This feeling is bigger than burnout; it’s an

Dec 29
Drinking a Sea Star blanc de noir and watching the sky turn a gorgeous purple as the sun sets over the Strait of Georgia. Pender Island always

Dec 27
“I believe in the intelligence of honey.”

Dec 24
Have a joyous Christmas, my friends. Let your holidays be filled with laughter, loved ones, and light.

Dec 24
In his recent post sharing his music mixes, @schuth also shared a reflective thought that I will thinking about for the next few days: Not

Dec 22
A few blog posts I’ve written over the past couple of weeks: A year in reading (books) A year in popular culture (movies, television, music,

Dec 18
So proud to be a part of the CKX family. The wonderful team of Lee, Kelsey, and Alexander are doing important and incredible work, and I’m so glad

Dec 17
Made some fused glass Christmas ornaments with the family kids, and then made some “stained glass” cookies with them too, just to continue on the

Dec 13
I heard a bird singIn the dark of December.A magical thingAnd sweet to remember. “We are nearer to Spring Than we were in September,” I heard a bird

Dec 11
Just started watching The Little Drummer Girl and I’m already overwhelmed by just how stunningly gorgeous both Alexander Skarsgård and Florence Pugh

Dec 09
Sure, they may be markers of consumerism and conspicuous consumption, but those department store Christmas window displays are delightful and full

Dec 06
Geneviève BergeronHélène ColganNathalie CroteauBarbara DaigneaultAnne-Marie EdwardMaud HaviernickMaryse LaganièreMaryse LeclairAnne-Marie LemaySonia

Dec 05
This is one of the best, most poignant, most powerful, and most visceral pieces on living with mental illness I’ve ever read. (As someone who lives

Dec 03
“I believe that we all are predisposed towards kindness; some days we just need a little nudge to find our heart and the humanity that can be easy

Dec 02
Celebrated L’s birthday this weekend with the help of Taqueria El Rey, Motown Museum, Batch Brewing, Detroit Foundation Hotel, Lady of the House,

Nov 30
Canceling all my weekend plans just so I can watch the thank u, next video on repeat.

Nov 30
Was going to skip my morning workout today because I’m feeling a little under the weather, but then I dragged my butt to the gym and they were

Nov 29
A few things I’ve been reading today: Time is different now Why your mental map of the world is (probably) wrong Prowling for You: On Watching Sex

Nov 23
So many passages in Emergent Strategy will make me reflect for a long time, but here’s the one I’m sitting with today: How often, how quickly can I

Nov 16
As an intro to my “weekend reading” post this week, I wrote about embracing vulnerability: All we can do is to be who we are, and to embrace the

Nov 11
Everything that Atul Gawande writes is incisive and excellent, but this latest piece on why doctors hate their computers is among the best he’s

Nov 10
Loved all the current exhibits at the MoAD, but the I Told You Who Am I exhibit by Shushan Tesfuzigta was particularly poignant: “Halo Hafte is

Nov 06
I don’t have an official bucket list per se, but if I did, I’d be crossing “have an incredible meal at The French Laundry” off of that list tonight.

Nov 03
Just going to go ahead and assume that everyone is spending their Saturday night doing the same thing that I’m doing: listening to Party For One and

Nov 01
Was lucky to chat with the people behind DotHealth about healthcare equity, privilege, and the importance of access to information.

Oct 31
Today, some people celebrate Halloween. Others celebrate Samhain. Others celebrate the coming of the Day of the Dead, or All-Saints’ and All-Souls

Oct 31
There is nothing like starting the day writing your morning pages with a fresh new Panobook and an americano while a storm rages outside the window.

Oct 26
Earlier this week, my friend Honey tagged me in the #mylifeinblackandwhite challenge, where I shared one b&w photo of my day—a photo without

Oct 20
A very astute reflection on social media by Sherry Turkle: We don’t measure up to the lives we tell others we are living, and we look at the self

Oct 20
A fascinating reflection on art and social justice by Wesley Morris: Suddenly, the kinds of people who used to be subject to censorship are now the

Oct 19
If you were previously a fan of The Heart, you’ll be pleased to know that Kaitlin Prest’s new series, The Shadows, is just as good and will make you

Oct 16
It’s the time of year when I want to spend all my time walking among the color-changing leaves.

Oct 14
We decided to take the back roads to wine country yesterday and were rewarded with a splendidness of autumn colors all around us. The many wine

Oct 09
We take pizza very seriously in our home, and are constantly trying fun new toppings to see what we enjoy most. Yesterday’s pizza dinner with

Oct 05
Everything Heather Havrilesky writes is excellent, but this essay on gurus and artists is everything I needed to read, today. Every sentence is

Sep 29
Tomorrow is Orange Shirt Day, and in advance of that, my colleague Alexandre Dirksen has shared a beautiful, and important, reflection on Orange

Sep 25
Inspired by @eli, a quick look at my current home screen. Between the automation offered in Shortcuts, Drafts, Things, and Launch Center Pro, I can

Sep 24
After reading this poignant and beautiful piece by Brené Brown, I’m starting to understand my current internal rumblings as signs of a midlife

Sep 23
Excited for a fun and action-packed week ahead, but if the rest of the week ends up being anything like today, I’m going to burn out by Monday.

Sep 21
For the past two years, and for the rest of my life now, September 21st will always be Demi Adejuyigbe day. (2016, 2017)

Sep 19
Last week, I attended an “inclusion café” for public servants in Ontario that was focused almost entirely on micro-inequalities and how, over time,

Sep 18
After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back. Hesitantly. I’m still carrying the conversations about the violence of language with me as I re-engage, but there

Sep 09
The AirBnB where we are staying has a LEBO art piece on the mantle, and it’s a painting of the actual house where we are staying! Must be a custom

Sep 06
Today marks the first time in over a decade that my blood pressure is hovering around 120/80 and my resting heart rate is below 70bpm. I may still

Sep 04
I am okay with disagreement; I am not okay with dismissiveness. When your response to someone with whom you do not agree is discourteous,

Sep 04
Happy first day back at school to every student, no matter what their age, who is excited to learn so many new things in the weeks and months to

Sep 03
I may be slightly biased (as they are both my friends) but the most recent episode of Wonk With Mike—featuring an in-depth discussion with the

Sep 03
There are few things that bring me as much delight as the weddings of good friends. Yesterday, my friends Dana and Merlin got married in a beautiful

Sep 03
Micro Monday again! This week, check out @cygnoir, who not only always has thoughtful insight she shares in community discussions, but also does

Sep 01
Not going to lie: this is definitely the most exciting part of my long weekend.

Aug 30
As a kid, I often went to school with lunches that featured curried okra, pan-fried tilapia on rice, ugali na maharage, and barazi and mandazi. It

Aug 29
I’m surprised it took so long to get to this point. My ability to pay for (and have access to) higher education at a particular school doesn’t

Aug 27
It’s Micro Monday! Today, I’d encourage you to chat with @kitt, who is not only an amazing conversationalist and adds so much to the m.b community,

Aug 27
Signs my mother knows me very well: she went to Lisboa and brought me some conservas as a gift. (She obviously knows of my affinity for tinned

Aug 26
There’s a particular satisfaction when a person who really knows and appreciates wine (including hanging out with a bunch of winemakers and

Aug 23
My wife sometimes gets small gifts from grateful patients. Yesterday, she came home with a watermelon a patient had grown in their garden. I usually

Aug 20
Can’t stop singing and dancing along to the new Janet Jackson track. Everything Janet does is pure joy.

Aug 20
Back to Micro Monday, after a long time. This Monday, I recommend following @vega who adds so much to our community and recently shared an excellent

Aug 19
A weekend full of trips to the lavender farm, swimming on the beach, sushi lunches, spending time with friends, nicoise salads, swimming in the

Aug 17
Last night, I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time in my life. The songwriting was mediocre, the plot was nonsensical, but OMG

Aug 16
As someone that has over twenty years of writing on the web still around, I‘m very interested in what the archiving of our every thought means to us

Aug 16
There is no one like, and will never be another, Aretha Franklin. Today, amidst my tears, I celebrate her life, the life of the Queen. #RestInPower

Aug 15
This is poignantly beautiful: “Blood is a burden, love. It should be. It should be heavy, a weight you carry. All of us carry that unshakeable

Aug 14
A few months ago, I backed a crowdfunding campaign to create a cookbook made up of recipes from chefs here in London, Ontario. I didn’t know what to

Jun 24
Went to see Come From Away this evening and I was blown away. Beautiful writing, phenomenal music, incredible singing and acting, and striking stage

Jun 22
Rebecca Solnit captures our political climate perfectly when she says that ‘not caring’ is a political art form: There’s a disinhibition in not

Jun 22
The video for Max Richter’s “On the Nature of Daylight” (a stunning piece of instrumental music) features Elisabeth Moss falling apart as she walks

Jun 22
I’ve found it hard to describe just why I loved Coco so much, why it is my favorite movie I have watched in years. I keep telling people it is the

Jun 21
My wife had a bout of shingles last year and it was pretty horrible. I didn’t realize how debilitating it could be. The question is: why are so many

Jun 21
As someone who works in public service renewal and digital talent, this explains a large part of what I work on, every single day: Despite being

Jun 20
A well-argued piece on why today’s culture of masculinity is stifling, toxic, misogynistic, and bad for everyone: It’s a societal loss that so many

Jun 19
Sayaka Murata’s Love Letter to a Convenience Store is one of the strangest things I’ve ever read, but it’s oddly compelling.

Jun 19
In the New Yorker, an interesting reflection on “bullshit” jobs. I tell myself my work is useful and valuable, but sometimes I wonder… Politicians

Jun 18
I’ve been noticing that many of the books on my to-read list looked vaguely similar. LitHub has discovered that there is, indeed, a book cover trend

Jun 18
Absolutely love this list of 15 powerful women shaping how we eat in America today.

Jun 18
There are many reasons to love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but the way it portrays Amy Santiago is a major one—unlike most other characters on television:

Jun 15
Yesterday, the World Cup finals began. It is my favorite sporting tournament; it is the world’s favorite sporting event. Of all places, the New York

Jun 15
There are many reasons to be scared of the effects of climate change, but the arrival of a global dust bowl and the health issues it will cause is

Jun 13
A few weeks ago, we made reservations to go to Grey Gardens tonight; in a timely coincidence, my favorite food writer wrote a fantastic review of

Jun 13
This post by Mike Monteiro on suicide is one of the most important things I’ve read on the topic in a little while: When you hear that people

Jun 12
An open, honest, beautiful, and important call-to-action from @patrickrhone: we need you. Well worth reading and re-reading.

Jun 11
How do we break our hardwiring and be kinder to ourselves? We’ve evolved to give more weight to our flaws, mistakes and shortcomings than our

Sep 16
Reading: “Every day, women across the country consider the risks. That is our day job and our night shift. We have a diploma in risk consideration.”

Sep 15
Reading: “There’s an unfair burden placed on people who experience oppression and discrimination to rise above it, or turn the other cheek.”

Sep 15
As a huge fan of Jeopardy!, this look at how the Jeopardy! writers room comes up with all of those questions was enlightening.

Sep 13
This profile on Jemele Hill and the future of ESPN by Bryan Curtis is fantastic, and comes at the right time.

Sep 13
Reading: “The truth hurts white people. Colin Kaepernick has hurt white people, and that is why it’s convenient to banish him, because he holds

Sep 11
Reading: “I make things for the same reasons babies put things in their mouths: to better understand the world, to sooth ourselves, and learn what

Sep 07
Reading: “Social mania may be ideal for mainlining breaking news, but it’s not great at providing meaning and context.”

Sep 05
Fascinating: “Between 1990 and 2014, visits to public libraries grew by a whopping 181%. For context, the population of the US increased by 28%

Sep 05
Reading: “Fall is good and great, and it will come in time. But September’s summer days are wonderful: a kinder, gentler summer without the

Sep 01
Reading: “The reason why Hooters appeals to me so much is because by tailoring itself to heterosexual men, it has unwittingly created a space where

Aug 31
Reading: “How do you think big when you’re supposed to not get in the way, not overshadow or intimidate?”

Aug 30
We usually buy our strawberries by the crate from the farm down the street; I hadn’t realized just how much of a stranglehold Driscoll’s has on the

Aug 30
Oddly captivating: a moving line graphs the motion of everyday objects.

Aug 29
Reading: “Premium mediocrity is creating an aura of exclusivity without actually excluding anyone.”

Aug 28
I’m not much of a kombucha drinker, but my wife really enjoys it, so I was glad to share this fascinating secret queer history of kombucha with her.

Aug 28
Reading: “Cast iron balconies are at once bulky and intricate, their patterns tangled with flowers, leaves, and other motifs from nature. Wrought

Aug 28
We ate very well this weekend (Hakka cuisine one night, schmaltz rice and Hainanese chicken another, and an octopus benedict for Sunday brunch) but

Aug 24
As a self-identified pedestrian at my core, this article was enlightening. “The more we embrace the romanticism of walking, the more we seem to look

Aug 24
Reading: “Part of the problem is in the word ‘like,’ that little heart we tap ten thousand times a day. I like lots of things, so many things, but I

Aug 22
Reading: “You are trying to push on a mountain, and you may only be able to move it an inch — but — you’ve

Aug 22
Reading: “Growing up, I knew there would be food on the table, in the fridge, a delicious, seemingly inexhaustible supply. For me, the act of

Aug 22
Total eclipse of the sun, observed July 29, 1878, at Creston, Wyoming Territory. NYPL Digital Collections.

Aug 16
If we talked about what happened in Charlottesville the same way we talk about events in a foreign country, here’s how Western media would cover it.

Aug 16
Reading: “Instead of ruthlessly abusing each weekday as if it is some blunt utilitarian instrument, what if we leveraged everything we had to make

Aug 14
Reading: “The opioid epidemic could kill hundreds of thousands in the next decade. But America can beat it, with the right political will.”

Aug 10
The story of the Duck Tales theme, history’s catchiest single minute of music. And now you’ll have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the

Aug 07
Reading: “The worst thing as an urban dweller is to be stuck with the auto as your only option.”

Aug 07
Reading: “Men are trash; we need to listen to women when they flame us w/ the truth about ourselves. It’s only when shitty behaviors are confronted

Aug 04
This evening, L and I decided to embrace our inner teenagers: we went bowling, ate fast food, watched a blockbuster movie in the theatres, and went

Aug 04
Wait: thousands of bags of Doritos washed ashore a decade ago and nobody called me when it happened? I thought you were all my friends…

Aug 04
Reading: “We are ancestors. We are descendants. And while we can’t fix the problems of the past in the present, we can make sure that we break the

Aug 04
July was a dry month; our lawn, like those of our neighbors, was tinged with beige no matter how much we watered the grass. Last night, the rain

Aug 03
Reading: “Nostalgia, which fuels our resentment toward change, is a natural human impulse.”

Jul 31
Reading: “By keeping your book in one location each time, you free yourself from the distractions of a commute or the pounding waves of a beach. As

Jul 31
You’ll find the West Loop near the edge of Springbank Park. It’s a modest walking trail of about 2.5km, from the parking lot, down to the river,

Jul 30
Reading: “For us to be fully effective as a humans, entertainment is a critical outlet, because otherwise we might just be ruminating on all the

Jul 29
Reading: “Pain is an inextricable thread in the fabric of life, and to tear it out is not only impossible, but destructive: attempting to tear it

Jul 27
Sitting on the train, next to a family (a couple and their three kids) who are taking the train to the big city for the first time. The look on the

Jul 26
Reading: “Speaking up costs us friends, jobs, credibility and invisible opportunities we’ll never even know enough about to regret.”

Jul 25
There are few things that make me as happy as a perfect breakfast sandwich. This look at 17 breakfast sandwiches from around the world makes me

Jul 24
My wife delivered a talk about HIV PrEP at a Pride Week special education session this evening; I was so proud to see her up there, making a

Jul 24
Reading: “Canadians haven’t been conditioned to see history in epic, revolutionary terms. For them, it’s more transactional: You pay your taxes, you

Jul 22
Reading: “The primary experience of the adult human being continues to be rumination, with real life happening in the background.”

Jul 22
Reading: “Life can disappear on us just like a cup of coffee consumed on autopilot.”

Jul 20
Today I watched ‘The Big Sick’ and it hit pretty close to home: from an immigrant Muslim family but I’m mostly non-practicing, married a white

Jul 20
Reading: “You can try to create around you a little bit of space that is all your own, a place where the rules of interaction you’ve chosen make

Jul 17
Jon Bois’ “17776” bills itself as episodic fiction about the future of football, but it’s really a rumination on meaning, loss, purpose, and time.

Jul 12
Reading: “Technological breakthroughs that make clean energy cheaper than fossil fuels would also make it easier to develop the political will for

Jul 10
My backyard is filled with fireflies, their lights flickering on and off melodically—a type of luminescent symphony. I sit at the window, mesmerized.

Jul 08
Things I learned this morning: don’t try to set up a new Sonos speaker while drinking coffee or the cat will freak out and run across the coffee

Jul 07
“Heartbreak is Pedestrian, Even Though It Feels Profound”

Jul 06
“In a soulmate we find not company, but a completed solitude.” -Robert Brault

Jul 05
Love this: Letters and Liquor is an illustrated history (with stunning hand-lettering) of the most important drinks in the cocktail canon.

Jul 04
Reading: “I find myself constantly reminding people that thinking is an activity too. Yet how much time do you really make for it?”

Jul 03
A family member on my wife’s side breeds, raises, and trains falcons. This afternoon, we spent some time on their farm admiring the beautiful birds

Jul 02
Reading: “Procurement challenges show the need for continued focus on bringing more technical talent into government service.”

Jun 30
We used wavway to create an all-Canadian playlist for our drive from Toronto to London this evening and were thoroughly impressed. Great way to

Jun 29
There a few senstations that will linger: the feel of cobblestone beneath my feet, the smell of grilled sardines, the cacaphony of a tram careening

Jun 28
Off to the airport after a wonderful vacation. The last day of a trip is always bittersweet: sadness to be leaving an exciting séjour, ending an

Jun 28
I rarely enjoy driving at home, on roads that I know and in a car that I own, so it was no surprise that I found driving this tiny electric car

Jun 26
I wrote a short musing on São Bento station and my love of beautiful, art-filled train stations. 🇵🇹

Jun 26
Reading: “In an age of increasing privatization, there’s a case to be made for putting effort into the design of democratic spaces. It reminds us

Jun 25
In the midst of snorkeling, admiring seahorses all around us, we realized that the anchor had slipped; our boat had drifted away to shore. We were

Jun 23
We are in a small, sleepy fishing village, just outside a small, less-sleepy town in the Algarve. There are few, if any, tourists; we intend to live

Jun 21
A glass of sangria and a piece of pie and the sound of fadistas singing the melancholic songs of fado throughout the room. A night of beauty, music,

Jun 21
Still keep coming back to this majestic piece of street art. 🇵🇹

Jun 20
Today, we sat where the river meets the ocean, where the fishing boats come in to drop off the day’s fresh catch, where the gardens curve as if all

Jun 19
A day spent exploring historic architecture, tasting port, eating excellent meals, and enjoying the sights and sounds on both sides of the Douro

Jun 19
The city is quiet at sunrise; not a single car passes me as I stroll along the cobblestone streets. I wave hello to the half-dozen people milling

Jun 18
Even after a delectable dinner at Belcanto last night (the inventiveness blew me away) we could not say no to a poolside breakfast. With full

Jun 17
Checked into the hotel—one of the nicest we’ve ever stayed at—and immediately went for lunch at a rooftop bar with a gorgeous view of the old city.

Jun 16
At the airport, waiting for our flight to start boarding. Late nights at the airport are interesting: the hubbub is softer, the activity is slower.

Jun 15
Reading: “To be alone, after all, is to admit to that rare quality: a contentment with one’s self.”

Jun 15
Leigh Ann Lunsford: “My grandmother once told me, ’Relationships are work, honey, and they aren’t 50/50. Some days when I get up, I only feel like

Jun 14
Reading: “The priorities are not to make cities smart, or even wise. The first priority has to be making our cities just.”

Jun 13
Reading: “In the current era of sports, the best players achieved superstardom in the same way as any other generation, but now they are staying

Jun 13
I’ve eaten many excellent, incredible, extraordinary meals, but there have been very few meals (Alinea, Cal Pep, The Ledbury) that I can truly call

Jun 10
Reading: “The Internet has centralized into a very few hands. We have an extremely lucrative apparatus of social control, and it’s being run by

Jun 04
I loved Wonder Woman for many reasons, but what really resonated with me was to see a character that shares my name (Sameer) and who had the same

Jun 01
My love gets discharged from the hospital tomorrow. This has been a long, tiring, often-heartbreaking two weeks; it is never easy to see the people

May 14
Reading: “For all its magnificent intricacy and beauty, the show he produced is a work of creative non-fiction, not public-interest journalism. The

May 09
Even in a city as big as Toronto, in an airport as busy as YYZ, you’re bound to run into people you know at the Starbucks in the middle of the

May 06
Reading: “This is the work of writing and editing for social change. Every word matters, and yet there is no perfect word, only imperfect

May 04
Still can’t fathom how someone could willingly take away access to healthcare from anyone — if anything, we should be going over-and-above to ensure

May 03
If you take the VIA Rail train to Toronto in the morning, you undoubtedly end up ordering the coffee. Even if you come armed with your own cup, you

May 01
Reading: “To be on is to be alive, energetic, aflame, to display one’s best self. Similarly, on is language’€™s best self, demonstrating how much

Apr 29
Something new, something strange, something exciting, something confusing. Something to try, something to learn, something to explore, something to