Hi. I’m Sameer Vasta, a snail-mail boy living in an email world. I'm an over-user of the discretionary comma.

I pass my time reading my never-ending stack of library books, writing letters to penpals, and exploring the urban landscape on foot.

These are a few things that have the majority of my time and attention right now. If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to send me an email or find me on Twitter.

— Recent Posts

  • A new editor-in-chief, elation, and representation Nov 16
    The decision to replace Graydon Carter with Radhika Jones at Vanity Fair is a momentous for many reasons, but minority representation in arts leadership is the reason that stands out most to me.
  • Two incredible years. Nov 08
    Two years ago, I woke up in a hotel room overlooking the Aga Khan Park, walked immediately to the window, soaked in the sun, and smiled.
  • Learning about building better teams. Nov 03
    I’ve been thinking a lot about building diverse and inclusive teams. I don’t have all the answers, but I am convinced that we all can be doing better than we are right now, no matter how far ahead we may think we may be.
  • Les djinns. Oct 31
    Today, on Halloween, I can’t help but share this gorgeous poem by Victor Hugo.
  • Going for a jog. Oct 19
    What motivates people to put on special shoes early in the morning on a cold day just to run in a circle and come home again?
  • I have forgotten how to write. Oct 16
    Many of you have most likely noticed a decline in frequency, and quality, of my posts on this website and have been too kind to tell me. Thank you—trust me, I’ve noticed.