Hi. I’m Sameer Vasta, a snail-mail boy living in an email world. I'm an over-user of the discretionary comma.

I pass my time reading my never-ending stack of library books, writing letters to penpals, and exploring the urban landscape on foot.

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to send me an email or find me on Twitter.

Recent Posts

  • Thirty-nine Feb 23
    A few weeks ago, I looked in the mirror and realized that I was old.
  • Sparkles in the snow Feb 19
    Some nights, when we look outside onto the front yard as part of Z's bedtime routine, the snow shimmers in the moonlight, as if someone had dropped a jar of sparkles all over the yard.
  • Every day is not the same Feb 05
    While the big patterns of the day never change, while we do the same things over and over again, the little things are different, and are important.
  • A few things I learned this month Jan 30
    A quick roundup of a few of the things I learned in December, 2020 and January, 2021.
  • Uni uni rotli ne karela nu saak Jan 08
    There's one lullaby in particular that I sing to Zoya every day; it is in Gujarati, and I'm almost sure I don't pronounce all the words right. All I know is that it is soothing to our little one, and it is soothing to me, too.
  • A cup of chai in the afternoon Dec 04
    L makes chai most afternoons when we are home together. She uses the recipe for quick chai that my mom showed her some months ago, and the resulting cup is warm and milky and delicious.
  • A few things I learned this month Nov 30
    A quick roundup of a few of the things I learned in November, 2020.
  • A name as a reminder of who we can be Oct 23
    I've been thinking a lot about names recently, probably mostly because many people have asked us why we chose Zoya for the name of our child.
  • Going for walks with podcasts Oct 12
    When Zoya won’t settle, or when she needs a change of pace, we walk.
  • Not wanting to live when you have everything to live for Sep 17
    I have learned a lot since becoming a father, but one of the things that has been most painful to learn is that men can get postpartum depression too.
  • Introducing Zoya Aug 01
    Lise and I are overjoyed to welcome Zoya Elizabeth Bondy Vasta to the world. She was born last week, weighing 6lbs 13oz, with a head full of hair and a bevy of adorable facial expressions that make us smile.
  • A few things I learned this month Jul 30
    A quick roundup of a few of the things I learned in July, 2020.
  • Self-doubt before the grand adventure Jul 19
    Over the past few weeks I've had terrible self-doubt surrounding the arrival of our daughter. Have I done enough? Have I bought the right things? Have I read the right books or taken the right classes?
  • A few things I learned this month Jun 30
    A quick roundup of a few of the things I learned in June, 2020.
  • A collision, a reminder Jun 26
    Sometimes, the world leads you down a path that departs from what you had envisioned; unforeseen changes of plans force you to look at things with a different perspective, make decisions you hadn't thought of making before, and express gratitude for small graces that are often forgotten.
  • Taking some time off Jun 11
    Taking some time to relax, reflect, and reinvigorate ourselves is exceedingly important in a world that constantly tells us that we're not doing enough; taking a vacation is one way to carve out that time intentionally and with purpose.
  • “The limits to your ambition were thus expected to be settled.” Jun 05
    A few words from the pen of James Baldwin.
  • A few things I learned this month May 30
    A quick roundup of a few of the things I learned in May, 2020.
  • The joy of… May 28
    Inspired by the series of "The Joy Of" articles published in the New York Times last week, I've been thinking a little bit about the things that are bringing me joy over the past few months.
  • Out too early? May 22
    I can't help but wonder what many things would look like if I stopped taking them out, or pushing them out, too early.

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