Hi. I’m Sameer Vasta, a snail-mail boy living in an email world. I'm an over-user of the discretionary comma.

I pass my time reading my never-ending stack of library books, writing letters to penpals, and exploring the urban landscape on foot.

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to send me an email or find me on Twitter.

Recent Posts

  • On a stick Aug 14
    Some years ago, I went to the Wisconsin State Fair. I was excited and a little bit nervous, mostly because I had no clue what to expect.
  • A moral imperative Aug 03
    This is, after all, what I feel we should all be doing: making life better for those around us, and paying forward the grace we have received in our own journey through life.
  • The Map of Salt and Stars Jul 28
    What is mapmaking but the telling of stories of the lands where we have travelled and the places that have shaped us?
  • Please won’t you be my neighbor. Jul 23
    I knew I’d be in tears while watching Morgan Neville’s Won’t You Be My Neighbor, but I didn’t quite realize just how much it would affect me.
  • I don’t say I love you as often as I should. Jul 20
    When was the last time you told someone that you love them? Not a family member or a partner, but someone you work with, or a friend?

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