Hi. I’m Sameer Vasta, a snail-mail boy living in an email world. I'm an over-user of the discretionary comma.

I pass my time reading my never-ending stack of library books, writing letters to penpals, and exploring the urban landscape on foot.

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to send me an email or find me on Twitter.

Recent Posts

  • The unbearable sadness of home Oct 12
    There have been two instances in the past year where I have seriously questioned whether or not we chose the right neighbourhood in which to live.
  • How do you know when someone needs help? Oct 05
    How do we know when someone is spiralling when they do a good job of disguising their descent?
  • A note of thanks to The Taster Oct 03
    I did not fall in love with food, with dining, with the culinary arts because I had access to fine dining, but instead because I had access to the library.
  • Preparing for the fall. Sep 28
    More than dates on a calendar, there are certain pieces of life that mark the end of the summer and the arrival of autumn.
  • Reminders hidden in bug bites Sep 17
    I woke up multiple times last night because of the mosquito bites.
  • The cicada’s dry monotony Sep 14
    This past Monday, I was on the Micro Monday podcast talking about micro.blog, civility in online communities, and the massive potential of online spaces that are focused on building civic discourse rather than simply growth.
  • New Orleans. Sep 12
    A list of places to eat, places to drink, and things to do when you’re in New Orleans.
  • The violence of language Sep 07
    Have you spent your whole life being told to ignore those who work hard to make sure you don’t matter?
  • Summer cold Aug 31
    It took until the last day of August, but I have finally succumbed to the dreaded summer cold.
  • Home Fire Aug 28
    What does it mean to share the name, the blood of someone whom you disavow, discredit? What does it mean to want to distance yourself from the generations who were supposed to know better, but obviously didn’t?

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