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Week of January 20, 2019:

Previously in 2019:

  • Going to the Glimmers of the Radiant Real opening reception at the McIntosh Gallery.
  • Having friends from Toronto come and visit.
  • Getting my first massage of the year.
  • Checking out the Food & Wine Show.
  • Sorting out my benefits and stuff like that.
  • Teaching my first class as part of the MPS program at UWaterloo.
  • Getting a manometry to help figure out why I’ve had swallowing issues for the past decade.
  • Attending the Beverages and Budgets session to learn more about and discuss the new municipal budget.
  • Going to an improv show and watching a couple of movies.
  • Flying back home to start the new year with gusto and immense kindness.
  • Fixing the punctured tire on my car. (Third one in six months!)
  • Donating blood for the first time in 2019.
  • TV: Barry

Here’s what I did in 2018: