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Every Monday, I update this /now page with a few things that have the majority of my time and attention right now.

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2020, Week 9

There’s a feeling of renewal that comes after a birthday that is quite delightful. Even though nothing really substantively changes from one day to another, waking up on the day after your birthday often feels like waking up to a world where anything is possible, everything is exciting, and the world is ready to accept whatever greatness you decide to manifest its way. This is a week of renewal; this is a week of excitement.

  • Transitioning back to the Talent Team at work after a short sojourn on the Assessments team, including a short trip to Toronto for a Talent Team retreat and some mini golf.
  • Teaching the fifth module of my class at UWaterloo.
  • Going to Drag Brunch.
  • Lots of dinners and lunches and celebrations with friends.

2020, Previously

Week 1: Officially, 2020 only begins a couple of days into this week, but it’s already starting to feel like a new year. We are back home now, after a wonderful trip to the west coast to visit family, and ushering in the new decade with a rush of errands and organizing and getting everything sorted out for an inevitable mad rush in the week ahead.

  • Jumping into my new (temporary) role at work with gusto and on the active job hunt for what’s next after this temporary stint is over.
  • Completing all the lecture notes and supplementary material for my first class of the semester next week.
  • Celebrating my grandmother’s 86th birthday.
  • Taking a trip to Toronto to attend a friend’s baby shower, celebrate another friend’s birthday, and check out the Early Rubens exhibition at the AGO.

Week 2: The week has begun with a fresh layer of snow falling overnight, and the city is quiet, still, pretty. It has not felt like winter yet, this season; the snow has been sporadic, and the temperatures have been unseasonably warm. I am glad that my drive to Waterloo for class this week will most likely be snow-free and clear, but overall, I am worried what this strange weather reflects about the state of our planet.

  • Finishing all my preparations for, and teaching my first class of the semester and getting to know my new students.
  • Meeting with friends, colleagues, and people I haven’t connected with in a very long time.
  • Updating my CV, getting all my documents in order.

Week 3: I spent last week battling a cold that took away much of my voice; remnants of that cold—the scratchy throat, the occasional cough—remain as I enter the week to come. I will spend my time in four different cities this week, all within a 250km drive from each other, which means I will be tired—of driving, of being on the road, of being away from my routine—by the time the weekend comes.

  • Going to Nosh Monday at the Red Rabbit, one of my favorite restaurants in all of Southwestern Ontario.
  • Heading to Toronto for work meetings and to reconnect with a former colleague whom I miss working with very much.
  • Teaching the second module of my class at UWaterloo.
  • Attending the London Food & Wine Show.
  • Starting a (soft) job search to try to figure out what’s next for me, professionally.

Week 4: Over the past few days, winter finally truly arrived. Snow fell continuously over the weekend, and this morning, temperatures have dropped down to -15°C. After so many months of milder weather, I feel almost unprepared for this cold and snowy spell; my winter parka is still in the closet upstairs, waiting to be brought down. Today may be the day it finally sees some action.

  • Heading to Toronto to run my first full digital assessment at work.
  • Teaching the second part of the second module of my class at UWaterloo.
  • Hosting a chili party open house” at our home to bring many of our friends together for food and conversation.

Week 5: Something is wrong with my sleep. Over the past week, no matter how much I slept—too little, too much, just enough—I have woken up feeling exhausted and struggle to keep my eyes open through the day. I wonder if I have sleep apnea? I have scheduled an appointment with my doctor in a few weeks to find out. In the meantime, I am keeping myself awake by filling my days with entirely too much to do.

  • Facilitating a workshop on ethics and equity in public service as part of the Code for Canada onboarding for the new cohort of fellows.
  • Heading to Toronto to run my second full digital assessment at work.
  • Teaching the third module of my class at UWaterloo.
  • Going for my first massage of 2020—much needed as my muscles have been feeling incredibly tight recently.

Week 6: The first week of February has brought with it a calmness that January did not embrace; my calendar looks less full than it has over the past month, by inbox is less crowded, my to-do list is less overwhelming. It is a week for resetting, for re-settling. I relish the relative quiet.

  • Attending a yoga class, my second one ever, to hopefully start exploring a yoga practice in the weeks to come.
  • Meeting with an insurance expert to hopefully get our insurance situation sorted out and under control.
  • Teaching the third module of my class at UWaterloo.
  • Seeing my therapist for the first time in 2020, and for the first time in her new office.
  • Enjoying a Supper Club meal hosted by Yaya’s Kitchen in honor of Black History Month.

Week 7: The coffee shops around the city have been, for the past few years, my de facto office. In an effort to do more of my work at home instead of in coffee shops, I’m working on making my home office more cozy, comfortable, and enticing—and really discovering what I need to be productive and effective when I work from home.

Week 8: By this time next week, I will be thirty-eight years old—firmly ensconced in my late thirties.” I used to be afraid of aging, but now I relish it; every year that passes is a reminder of just how lucky I am to have the life that I have, a temporal marker of gratitude and grace for what I’m lucky to have, and who I’m privileged to be.

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