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Every Monday, I update this /now page with a few things that have the majority of my time and attention right now.

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2020, Week 4

Over the past few days, winter finally truly arrived. Snow fell continuously over the weekend, and this morning, temperatures have dropped down to -15°C. After so many months of milder weather, I feel almost unprepared for this cold and snowy spell; my winter parka is still in the closet upstairs, waiting to be brought down. Today may be the day it finally sees some action.

  • Heading to Toronto to run my first full digital assessment at work.
  • Teaching the second part of the second module of my class at UWaterloo.
  • Hosting a chili party open house” at our home to bring many of our friends together for food and conversation.

2020, Previously

Week 3: I spent last week battling a cold that took away much of my voice; remnants of that cold—the scratchy throat, the occasional cough—remain as I enter the week to come. I will spend my time in four different cities this week, all within a 250km drive from each other, which means I will be tired—of driving, of being on the road, of being away from my routine—by the time the weekend comes.

  • Going to Nosh Monday at the Red Rabbit, one of my favorite restaurants in all of Southwestern Ontario.
  • Heading to Toronto for work meetings and to reconnect with a former colleague whom I miss working with very much.
  • Teaching the second module of my class at UWaterloo.
  • Attending the London Food & Wine Show.
  • Starting a (soft) job search to try to figure out what’s next for me, professionally.

Week 2: The week has begun with a fresh layer of snow falling overnight, and the city is quiet, still, pretty. It has not felt like winter yet, this season; the snow has been sporadic, and the temperatures have been unseasonably warm. I am glad that my drive to Waterloo for class this week will most likely be snow-free and clear, but overall, I am worried what this strange weather reflects about the state of our planet.

  • Finishing all my preparations for, and teaching my first class of the semester and getting to know my new students.
  • Meeting with friends, colleagues, and people I haven’t connected with in a very long time.
  • Updating my CV, getting all my documents in order.

Week 1: Officially, 2020 only begins a couple of days into this week, but it’s already starting to feel like a new year. We are back home now, after a wonderful trip to the west coast to visit family, and ushering in the new decade with a rush of errands and organizing and getting everything sorted out for an inevitable mad rush in the week ahead.

  • Jumping into my new (temporary) role at work with gusto and on the active job hunt for what’s next after this temporary stint is over.
  • Completing all the lecture notes and supplementary material for my first class of the semester next week.
  • Celebrating my grandmother’s 86th birthday.
  • Taking a trip to Toronto to attend a friend’s baby shower, celebrate another friend’s birthday, and check out the Early Rubens exhibition at the AGO.

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