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Every Monday, I update this /now page with a few things that have the majority of my time and attention right now.

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Week 3: I’ve read every book on sleep I can get my hands on, but we’re still struggling with her sleep; today we have a virtual meeting with a sleep consultant who hopefully will help us get this sorted out. If we can’t fix the feeding issues, hopefully we can fix the sleeping ones. Just a little respite would be so welcome.

2021, Previously

Week 1: As I write this, Zoya is asleep in her carrier, on me. We’ve been struggling with sleep (especially naps), along with the continued struggles with feeding, for some time now, but I know, as is the case with all things with babies, this is temporary. This may be a week of struggle, but the next will be different. Not necessarily better, but different.

Week 2: Some weeks, things get better. Some weeks, things get worse. This week is the latter; sleep problems have exacerbated, feeding continues to be a challenge, five months later. Exhaustion can come not only from a lack of sleep, but from from an unrelenting pace of a lack of joy or goodness; I’m sleeping okay, but I’m still exhausted. That tells you all you need to know about how 2021 is going, two weeks in.

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