June 28, 2022

This website won’t be updated for a while

I shut down my blog (and newsletter) a few months ago. When you go to my website, it now has a disclaimer that the site is no longer updated.

It was the right time to shut things down. I turned forty years old this past February and realized that I’ve been publishing my thoughts online for over 25 years. I started by hand-coding my words on a webpage using my rudimentary HTML knowledge, and things progressed from there.

I realized a few months ago that I had said all that I needed to say, at least for now. I’ve run out of wise words or interesting stories, and didn’t want to be defined by what I had said before. So even though the archives are still up, they aren’t easily accessible on my site anymore and all my previous posts are harder to reach and find.

If you’re reading this, I’ve either re-launched my blog some time in the future and you’re looking through old posts, or you’re an RSS subscriber. I’m going to occasionally post miscellany on this site when the mood strikes me, so the RSS feed will continue to be updated; it will be the only way to follow my writing for now. To those of you still reading via the feed: hello! You’re part of a tiny audience now—there may be just two or three of you.

Anyways, I’m in the process of recovering from a bad surgery right now (which requires wearing a catheter for a month and bleeding profusely from my penis and unending amount of pain, and which will require two more surgeries to fix), so I won’t write much, but I just wanted to say hi to the few of you who are still here and to explain my absence. I’ll most likely be back sometime when I have something to say. Until then, see you around the internet!