August 30, 2015

Hot and cool.

The temperature today is expected to hit 90 degrees. Just a few days ago, the daily high barely hit 65 degrees. A week before that, we went through a spell of 100+ degree days.

This August has been up and down, hot and cool. Never cold, but at times, crisp and chilly. There has been no settling, but instead, the month has been marked by wavering and fluctuation. Nothing has stayed the same.

This summer, work too has been hot and cool. The new job began with urgency, and then quieted, and now is busier than it ever has been. Wedding planning, which began with rapid bursts months ago and settled into a slow burn through the spring and early summer, has now picked up to a furious pace. The pattern is the same with our home tidiness, my physical health, and so many other parts of life.

Sometimes hot, sometimes cool. This August has been one of fluctuating temperatures and fluctuating priorities; things that were once easy are now complex, once slow now moving at a breakneck speed.

The office this morning is already too warm for what I am wearing. I would complain, but I know that, just in a few days, a light chill will settle upon the city, and the heat will dissipate just as it has before. Up and down, hot and cool. I roll with the changing nature of life.