March 26, 2017

Libraries are magical.

Currently, I have two library books on my desk, one library e-book and two library audiobooks on my phone, and have already made myself enough of a regular at the local branch that when someone’s already sitting on the table that I prefer, the librarians shrug and point me to another quiet corner as soon as I walk in.

From The Library is a Magical Place and You Should Fucking Go There:

Can’t afford to pay your Internet bill this month? Go to the library, they have free wifi. Need to pay down debt instead of paying for Netflix? Go to the library, they have binge-worthy shows on DVD. Can’t afford to buy your college textbooks? Go to the library, it’s easier to study there anyway.

The stacks are filled with literal unicorns and talking puppies. Perfectly choreographed songbirds will accompany you and your selected library finds home. And all of this will happen while you swell with the sense of satisfaction that comes from saving your hard-earned dough for more important things later on. Go to the library so that you can pay off your student loans. Go to the library so you can save up a down payment on a house. Go to the library so you can afford a new pair of shoes and the heating bill this month.

Just go to the goddamn library, you fool.

Go the fuck to the library.

If you don’t have a library card, or haven’t been to the library in a long time, let me know and I’ll go there with you. The library is my happy place.