March 1, 2007

Overheard at Heathrow.

While waiting for my return flight to Toronto yesterday, I decided to grab a snack and sit down at a table in the main lounge and observe people. That, and check my email at the same time. After a while, I started hearing some really odd remarks by some of the people passing by, so I decided to hop on Twitter and chronicle a few of the interesting quotes I heard in 4.5 hours while at Heathrow Airport.

You can find all the updates on my Twitter account, but here they are just for preservation sake:

  • Um, so where are we flying to again? And why? Because I have a manicure scheduled for tomorrow.”
  • Wait, we’re going on a plane? I thought you said we were flying there?”
  • Look honey, he’s using his computer here. I didn’t know computers worked at airports!”
  • Is there a place to sleep here? Because my flight doesn’t leave for another 3 days.”
  • See, they even have Facebook in England.”
  • This country is so backwards. I can’t even find a copy of the San Francisco Chronicle in this shop.”
  • Hot pink pants aren’t for everyone, but that guy really pulls it off well.”
  • (Man about to approach departure gate, after checking in long ago.) S**t, I forgot my luggage in the taxi.”
  • Sixty pounds for a raffle ticket? That’s like, fifty American dollars!”
  • Is there a bathroom here? Because I’m about to explode, and I know explosions are not allowed on planes.”
  • I’m so glad I fly first class. The other people here are all so … normal.”
  • Do they have the AC on? It’s colder than Canada in this terminal!”
  • Imagine if that guy’s Mac and that lady’s PC had a wrestling match, WWE style? That would be too cool.”
  • Qantas is a wonderful airline. They let you get drunk on the plane for free.”
  • (at 2:20pm) Yum, fried chicken for breakfast. The best way to start my day. Want some?”
  • Is this Starbucks owned by same man that owns the one in Hong Kong?
  • (Man on mobile) Hey honey, where are you?” (Woman aloud) Sitting in the chair directly in front of you. Look up.”
  • They shouldn’t have shops in an airport. People might buy stuff.”
  • I’m too tired to just be sitting here doing nothing.”
  • Why did I have to go through security? It’s not like I’m insecure or something.”