August 11, 2017

I like the photos of your lunch.

Found this over on Twitter and it resonated so much:

I like the photos of your lunch

If you can’t see the image, here’s the text of the post:

Pssst. I like the photos of your lunch. And your baby. And your dog or cat or bunny or snake. I like your selfies and your crafts. I like seeing your house renovation and your garden. I like to see your book and the article you got published. I like seeing the photo of that view from that place you visited. I like to hear about your brand new niece and the amazing milkshake you had and that matte lipstick you tried. I like to see the cocktail you had or the beautiful stained glass in that new church you’re going to. I’m glad you’ve been sober for a while. I’m glad you’re working out more. I enjoy seeing your face, sweaty and pink after that 5k. I like your selfies with makeup. I like your selfies with no makeup when you are wearing those comfy new pjs. I’m glad you voted. I like your new hair cut. I’m glad you’re sharing. I like it. I like you. I like your lunch.

Many people believe that social media can be filled with inane posts, but it is that inanity” that I love; it reminds me that people find joy in so many different ways, and that joy, in whatever way it is found, should be celebrated.