May 6, 2020

Quarantine essentials

A non-comprehensive list of few things that I’ve been relying on quite a lot since the pandemic and quarantine began.

Glerups slippers: Now that I’m not going outside much, having good foot support while at home is even more important than it was before. These slippers have been my favourites for several years now.

Aesop Mandarin facial hydrating cream: We’re all using a lot more hand cream to keep our hands moisturizer after washing our hands more than we had before, but you can’t forget to the facial cleansers and moisturizers—they are just as important.

Delonghi Dedica espresso machine, Moja coffee beans, and Dina No coffee mug: When you can’t go to a coffee shop to write and work, you bring the coffee shop home to you. We’ve long loved our espresso machine, and thes beans have the perfect flavour for my morning americano. When I drink it in my favourite mug, I feel safe and warm and ready to face the day.

Studio Neat Panobook and Mark One pen: I spend my entire day scribbling down thoughts in a notebook, and do my journaling in this notebook too. A good, reliable pen and a sturdy, comfortable notebook are indispensable.

Sennheiser HD 4.50 Bluetooth headphones: Sometimes, you just want to block out the world and listen to some music, or an audiobook. In those times, a good pair of noise-canceling headphones is all you really need.

Breville electric kettle and BeTeas white tea: After my morning coffee, I spend the day drinking tea. The Moonlight Rose and the White Tangerine keep me warm and hydrated and happy throughout the day.

iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, and Drafts app: Most of the work I do—in my job, in my community, in my personal life—involves writing, so using the Drafts app with my favourite hardware setup is a delight.

Withings Steel HR watch: I don’t need a smart watch, but a fitness tracker is a must for me to make sure I’m still getting the right amount of activity during these days when I’m stuck mostly in the house. Bonus points for a fitness tracker that looks like a mechanical watch.

Le Creuset French oven, Lodge cast iron skillet, and NYT Cooking app: We always enjoyed cooking in this household, but now that we can’t go to restaurants, we’re doing a whole lot more of it. Many meals begin their lives in our Le Creuset because it heats well and evenly, is a breeze to clean, and looks gorgeous as well.