January 27, 2019

A reminder of last year’s resolutions

Last year, I wrote a list of new year’s resolutions to remember, that year and every year.

I’m not usually one to simply re-post something, but I think this year, especially, I need to remind myself to do all these things. The days are slipping through my fingers, and I need a reminder to relish in the delights of life.

And so, a repost from last year—and a reminder for this one:

  • Sing more in the shower.
  • Make a few snow angels.
  • Throw another log in the fireplace and sit for a while.
  • Swim under the twilight.
  • Smile at people on the street.
  • Let the cup of tea cool for a few seconds.
  • Take more bubble baths.
  • Climb a tree.
  • Play on the swings at least once a month.
  • Color outside the lines.
  • Light more candles.
  • Dance while packing lunches in the morning.
  • Snuggle with the cat.
  • Get some fresh air.
  • Warm up the plates before putting pancakes on them.
  • Read poetry. Write poetry.
  • Laugh. Love.