March 25, 2019

Making room for joy

They are correct when they say that sorrow and strife are part of a joyful life, but I have, in the past, wallowed in that sorrow and let it consume me—I have not made room for joy.

Making room for joy is something I am much more conscious of these days, and I must remind myself that this joy is ever-present if I just look for it, or if I let it come to me.

These days, I am finding joy in the arrival of the spring, and especially the sounds that accompany the season. From the chirping of the birds in the trees at dawn, the splashing of puddles by children waiting for the school bus in the morning, the patter of the rain on the window in the mid-afternoon, and the scurrying of chipmunks through the bushes as they settle in for rest just before sunset, the spring is filled with all kinds of aural delight, sound-full joys evident if I just stop and listen for a while.

What small moments of joy are you making room for?