October 28, 2019

Soundless dance

It sat there,
by other rocks just like it
not quite different
not quite the same
jagged and sharp
unnoticeable yet distinct.

When I asked it, it spoke
loudly, to me,
with each wave crashing against it
a sentence,
a declaration.

My stillness
my strength
this is power.
I face each wave—
I stop each one by being still
by never moving
by never wavering
by never relinquishing.”

When the waves had calmed
the moonlight settled on the water
when the rock was barely visible
enveloped in the night’s darkness,
it whispered to me,

It is the wave that is powerful.
Every crash against me
takes a piece of me
leaves me jagged
I can stop the wave
but it changes me.”

Even more quietly
as if it was afraid to divulge
its secret
the rock whispered,

I have power in my stillness
in my strength.
The wave has power in its motion.
Together we are entangled
in an endless dance.”

And then, silence.

I watched as the dance continued,