January 30, 2015


I’ve been thinking a lot about teachers, recently. Perhaps it is because I’ve started teaching a post-secondary class, or perhaps it is because I am wondering when and if I should start thinking about going back to school. Perhaps it is because I read The Last English Teacher by Nick Ripatrazone and it reminded me of so many of the great teachers I have had throughout my life. Here’s a snippet from Nick’s piece:

I teach every class like it is my last. It could be. When I started teaching, I thought my purpose was to create a legion of English majors. I have learned that my purpose is to pause the lives of my students for long enough that a line of poetry is the loudest sound they encounter during the day.”

I think, perhaps, I shall write more about teachers and teaching, sometime soon. For now, here is a list of a few teachers, off the top of my head, that have made considerable impact on me and have been a large part of making me who I am:

  • Mme. Boughton
  • Mme. Sherman
  • Mrs. Sitarek
  • Mr. Niedre
  • Mrs. Hollinger
  • Mrs. Padmore
  • Mr. Novak
  • Mrs. Robbins
  • Mr. Robertson
  • Mr. Legault
  • Mme. Jean-Baptiste
  • Nico Bethel
  • Eileen Dombrowski
  • Reverend Alvaro Ribeiro
  • Dr. Joshua Barker
  • Dr. Sarah Salih

There are many, many more not listed here. I am eternally thankful to every single one of them.