November 8, 2023

Photo from our wedding day

Eight years ago

Eight years ago, if you were to have asked me what my life would look like in eight years, there are very few things I would have guessed right.

I wouldn’t have guessed we would move cities, buy a house in the suburbs, have a child. I wouldn’t have guessed I would have started a whole new organization within government and started a whole new path for my career in a field I had never explored before. I wouldn’t have guessed we would live through a pandemic, that I would need to get multiple surgeries for health issues, and that I would feel my age much more than I ever did before.

There is one thing I would have guessed right, because it is something I have known ever since that glorious day eight years ago when we got married: that I would be spending my every day, my whole life, with a woman who brightens up the world in every way. Eight years ago today, when we got married, I knew I was making a choice that would bring me joy for the rest of my life.

I celebrate that choice, and that day, today and every day.

Happy anniversary, my love.

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