May 21, 2014

Geese on the sidewalk


On my way to the gym today, I saw a small crowd assembling on Bloor Street. They were all looking at a group of baby geese that had somehow found their way onto the road, approaching the busy traffic of downtown Toronto. Not content to just stand around and watch, a few of the bystanders and I herded (very slowly) the baby geese over to a corner of the sidewalk where they would be sheltered from the sun and away from both car and foot traffic.

As soon as they had got there, the two parents arrived, hissing loudly; we moved away so that the adult geese could approach their babies safely, and then proceeded to call animal services. While we waited for them to arrive, we set out a dish of water and made sure that there was no chance that they would wander into traffic again.

Animal services arrived to take the geese back out to a safer haven; we all went back to our normal lives, happy that we had done a little something to help, in some small way.